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Dr. Harry Ball - The Dental Management of Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, and Bruxism
Dr. Harry Ball - The Dental Management of Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, and Bruxism
8:00 pm - Thursday - 5th - August - 2010


A large proportion of the population snore with many unaware they also have sleep apnoea. The consequences are often severe and include,
strained relationships, sleepiness, poor work performance, and an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

Sleep physicians consider that dental sleep appliances are the best available treatment for snoring, with studies demonstrating over 95%
Based on the new guidelines from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, dental sleep appliances are now also regarded as a frontline
treatment for mild to moderate OSA. In this seminar you will learn the simple, straight forward steps for incorporating this exciting new service
into your dental practice.

Topics covered include
• An overview of sleep medicine and the important role of the dentist
• A simple method for screening and diagnosing the patients who can be treated for snoring and sleep apnoea with a dental sleep appliance
• A step by step clinical protocol for treating snoring and OSA with dental appliance therapy

Dental sleep appliances will be discussed in detail including:
• How oral appliances work in overcoming snoring and OSA.
• The four essential criteria for choosing an optimal appliance.
• Review of available appliances.
• Efficacy and side-effects.
• Criteria for choosing and delivery an optimal splint.