Aesthetic Zone with Flowables

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Course Description


You will learn how to treatment plan, and design using both analogue and DSD single tooth and full mouth flowable composites. Flowable composites come with much reservation in regards to aesthetic outcomes and adhesion, yet we have been able to introduce a workflow protocol that can achieve the most outstanding lasting results that gives patients a more cost effective choice over ceramics. Be inspired by the master of Flowable Composite Restorations, Enrique Diaz Guzman.


• DSD and how to apply it

• Occlusion, Treatment Planning complicated cases

• Crown lengthening, Lip reposition

• Mockup, waxup, custom transparent tray

• Ortho, Perio, Prostho and many other clinical cases

• Facebow, centric relation, deprogramming

• Flowable composites that look amazing and last


• Introduction

• Protocols why, when and how

• Colour, Thickness, Indications, Advantages, Disadvantages

• Diagnosis, 1st Impression

• Treatment Planning

• DSD and it application

• Articulator

• Facebow, Centric relation, deprogramming

• Interdisciplinary relationship

• Ortho-Perio-Prostho

• Crown lengthening

• Lip Reposition, Surgery

• Clinical Cases

• WaxUp

• Mockup, Step by step technique

• Custom transparent tray

• PVS Transparent Silicones

• Flowable composites, which is better?


• Hands on step by step

• Custom Transparent Tray

• Silicone Transparent Index

• Adhesive Protocol

• Flowable Injection of 5 Anterior sector and 1 Heat Composite Contact Point & Finishing

• Polishing and luster, how to fix veneers or bubbles

• Tips and Mistakes

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