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Mastering Tooth Preparation & Bonding of Ceramic Restorations Crowns, veneers, Onlays, Rubberdam, Cementation & Photography

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Course Description


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This practical course offers more than 25 real clinical exercises, allowing you to practice and improve your current skill set in the area of tooth preparation, isolation, bonding as well as dental photography.

This unique hands-on course consist of minimally invasive preparations for different types of ceramic restorations including veneers, crowns for anterior and posterior teeth as well as In-On-and Over-Lays. Practical and intense exercises include ergonomics and preparation of teeth on upper and lower jaw and different quadrants! 100% practical information based on lateral thinking, fully assisted step-by-step methods and high-end technical hands-on sessions making this among the best in tooth preparation, bonding and ceramic restoration course.

Learn all the secrets, tips and tricks of:

Ceramic veneers: planning and clinical performance. Step-by-step preparation.

Protocols for anterior and posterior crown preparations. Full contour veneers.

Minimally invasive indirect restorations for posterior teeth: on-lays, over-lays and veneer-lays + step-by-step luting procedures, rubberdam isolation and dental photography.

This comprehensive hands-on course is based on lateral thinking, new techniques, step-by-step methods utilising the latest technology and many exercises to help master optimal aesthetic outcomes. If you are a beginner, you will master tooth preparation with confidence as well as having the ability to manage a vast of difficult clinical cases. And if you are an experienced dentist, this course will provide you many practical tips that will enhance your current clinical workflow and skill set.

Day 1: Ceramic Veneers

All you always needed to know and practice with veneers:

• Silicon indexes to control tooth reduction.
• Discoloration and rules of preparation.
• Caries defect/old composite class 3. prep techniques.
• Class 4. practical solutions.
• Class 5 (abfraction). prep designs.
• Diastema and tooth spacing. To prep or not to prep.
• Black triangles.
• Crowding / teeth rotations
• Window prep
• Working with incisors and canines of upper and lower jaws
• Easy and simple clinical protocols step-by-step for veneers

Please note: all caries defects will be made in real time and will be restored with composites which will assist in understanding veneer prep design of different clinical cases. The course will allow for participants to present cases which will be simulated as exercises and resolved practically as a group.

Day 2: Posterior Ceramics (In-on-veneerlays)

Lecture Component (30 min)

• Bonded ceramic restoration for posterior teeth: when and how.
• Design of preparation regarding the type of restoration.
• Classic indirect restorations: inlays, onlays, overlays.
• Indirect restorations trends: veneer-lays and table-top.
• To cover or not to cower the cusps.
• Immediate dentin sealing.
• Deep margin elevation.
• Adhesive cementation.

Hands-On Component

This workshop provides an insight to minimal invasive and precise preparations of posterior teeth in onlays and veneer-lays (upper and lower jaw). Step-by-step techniques will consist of:

• Silicon index for prep control.
• Inlay.
• Onlay.
• Overlay.
• Veneer-lay.
• Occlusal veneer.
• Imitation of severe caries defects.
• Immediate dentin sealing.
• Cavity design optimisation, closing undercuts by composite.

The participants will progress through various exercises including inlay, onlay, veneer – lay preparation,with IDS and deep marginal elevation techniques.


9.00 am - 9.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am - 11.30 am Hands-on
11.30 am - 12.00 am Coffee
12.00 pm - 14.30 pm Hands-on
14.30 pm - 15.30 pm Lunch
15.30 pm - 18.00 pm Hands-on

Day 3: Crown Preps

Lecture Component (30 min)

• Basic principles for crown preparation.
• Protocol driven by tissue preservation.
• Types of marginal preparation.
• Instruments and burs for clean preparation.
• Nuances with Immediate Dentin Sealing.

Hands-On Component

This workshop focuses on providing predictable and minimal invasive preparation of anterior and posterior teeth for crowns.

Learn the following:

• Silicon index for prep control.
• Preparation protocols.
• Frontal teeth upper jaw.
• Frontal teeth lower jaw.
• Posterior teeth upper jaw
• Posterior teeth lower jaw.
• Initial preparation.
• Finishing and polishing.
• Immediate dentin sealing.

The participants will progress through various exercises of preparation for crowns including different teeth on different sides and jaws.

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