MicroVision Aesthetics All About Veneers: Full Course from Smile Design, Lab Communication, Isolation to Bonding

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Course Description


This module is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. Program is created from «A
to Z» style, which means that participants will work through all sequences of aesthetic rehabilitation
from photo/video planning of the case, lab communication, wax up to bonding of veneers.
You will learn all steps related to smile reconstruction from smile design to clinical performance.

we would like to remind you to bring:
    - laptops (Mac with keynote is the best option/ or windows with power point 10)
    - photo cameras


This unique program only offered in Australia is a combination of Module 3 Ukraine’s Belograd
program and lab communication with master technician Max Zuppardi. The course will offer full
DSD hands on training, video communication, preperation of veeners, digital impression, lab
communication, waxup, mockup, silicon transfer, isolation and bonding. This course is truely
unique as it is the only one of its kind where both master and master technician come together
in one complete veneer digital ceramic course. This is a course not to be missed and may not be

DAY 1: Planning of Aesthetics: Photo/Video/Smile Design

Lecture Component (2 Hours)
• Principles of smile design
• Facially driven treatment planning
• Golden proportions in dental esthetics
• Photo/video protocols for smile makeovers
• Cameras, lenses, flashes, softboxes, additional light for portrait and intraoral photo/video workflow.
• How to use smartphones for simplified but efficient approaches
• Marketing
• DSD. Main principles of smile design

Hands-On Component (Rest Of Time)

The main aim of this workshop is to learn how to plan smile makeover and to use simplified and efficient protocols of photo/video taking as well as Digital Smile design. Powerful guide of step-by-step techniques consist of:
• settings of photo/video cameras and smartphones
• working with light
• step-by-step portrait protocol
• step-by-step intraoral photo protocol
• DSD tools, software, settings
• Smile design step-by-step: from motivational project for deep analysis and transfer information to dental lab

The participants will progress through all exercises photo/video taking and digital smile design.

DAY 2: Ceramic Veneers: Mock-up, Prep, Provisional Restorations

Lecture Component (1 Hour)
• Basic principles of planning for porcelain veneer restorations
• Transferring of smile design to wax-up and mock-up
• Additive wax-up and mock-up
• MicroVision rules of tooth preparation through mock-up
• Provisional restorations

Hands-On Component (Rest Of Time)
The main aim of this workshop is to learn how to transfer smile design project into real smile prototype and than how to provide MicroVision driven preparation teeth for ceramic veneers. Powerful guide of step-by-step techniques consist of:
• transferring of Wax-Up into Mock-up
• analysis of smile prototype. Correction possibilities
• step-by-step preparation protocol through mock-up
• tips and tricks with provisional restorations

The participants will progress through the siquance from mock-up fabrication, preparation and provisional restorations.

DAY 3: Ceramic Veneers: Isolation and Bonding

Lecture Component (2 Hours)
• Isolation methods in restorative dentistry
• Clamps, cords, floss ties for good retraction and perfect isolation during bonding
• Bonding protocols for porcelain veneers
• Adhesion nuances considering types of ceramic
• Sequence of luting

Hands-On Component (Rest Of Time)
The main aim of this workshop is to learn how to isolate the case for bonding of porcelain veneers and how to perform stress less luting.
Powerful guide of step-by-step techniques consist of:
• RUBBERDAMology techniques considering all tips and tricks for clean and predictable isolation
• try-in of ceramic veneers
• luting protocols: etching, silanizing, bonding
• controlled insertion of restorations and cleaning from adhesive materials
• post-bonding and polishing

The participants will progress through all exercises including isolation and bonding of ceramic veneers restoration of molars and premolars using different techniques under the microscope.

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