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The Rehabilitation Restorative Program for the General Practitioner - 3 Modules

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Course Description


This package is being offered at 10% discount of the total price of the individual courses.

The most advanced and complete aesthetic restorative program offered in Australia by the International Masters of Restorative Dentistry. This is an opportunity to be part of a 1 year program that will take you through a training program that will enhance your aesthetic dentistry to the next level of mastery. This unique course covers all major modern aesthetic rehabilitation techniques from Photography, Wax up, Morphology, Composites, Advanced Ceramics, Flowables, Occlusion, Treatment Planning and much more. Don’t miss out on this complete and affordable package that will allow you to learn from the International Masters and will transform you to the next confidence level of aesthetic dentistry.


June 8th - 10th 2018, Sydney

Style Italiano: Layers, The Complete Composite Course

Jordi Manauta & Anna Salat

We have heard many times that highly aesthetic restorations need sophisticated and complex approaches, only reachable with the “gifted ones”. What if I tell you that it is possible to teach and repeat a feasible method that allows you to achieve perfect restorations with a high rate of success. Our approach allows you to do basically three things, rational colour matching, exact reproduction of the selected colour and the ability to distinguish and learn from eventual mistakes. Understanding material selection, layering technique and morphology management is mandatory for mimicking the slightest nuances in patient’s teeth, and this course will help you get out of those clinical difficulties with composite restorations.


The main goal of this course is to teach the practitioner useful techniques that can be applied immediately after the course in their everyday dentistry to boost the quality of their work, especially regarding function and aesthetics.

• Become extremely effective in colour matching

• Master stratification of composite resins

• Dominate visual surface and morphology matching

• Learn how to make adhesive dentistry last


August 18th - 20th 2018, Sydney

MicroVision Aesthetics All About Veneers: Full Course from Smile Design, Lab Communication, Isolation to Bonding

Maxim Belograd & Max Zuppardi

This module is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. The program is created from an A to Z style, which means that participants will work through all sequences of aaesthetic rehabilitation from photo/video planning of the case, lab communication, wax up to bonding of veneers.

You will learn all steps related to smile reconstruction from smile design to clinical performance. we would like to remind you to bring:

- laptops (Mac with keynote is the best option/ or windows with power point 10)

- photo cameras


This unique program only offered in Australia is a combination of Module 3 Ukraine’s Belograd program and lab communication with master technician Max Zuppardi. The course will offer full DSD hands on training, video communication, preperation of veeners, digital impression, lab communication, waxup, mockup, silicon transfer, isolation and bonding. This course is truely unique as it is the only one of its kind where both master and master technician come together in one complete veneer digital ceramic course. This is a course not to be missed and may not be repeated!


October 27th - 28th 2018, Sydney

Aesthetic Zone with Flowables

Enrique Diaz Guzman

You will learn how to treatment plan, and design using both analogue and DSD single tooth and full mouth flowable composites. Flowable composites come with much reservation in regards to aesthetic outcomes and adhesion, yet we have been able to introduce a workflow protocol that can achieve the most outstanding lasting results that gives patients a more cost effective choice over ceramics. Be inspired by the master of Flowable Composite Restorations, Enrique Diaz Guzman.


• DSD and how to apply it

• Occlusion, Treatment Planning complicated cases

• Crown lengthening, Lip reposition

• Mockup, waxup, custom transparent tray

• Ortho, Perio, Prostho and many other clinical cases

• Facebow, centric relation, deprogramming

• Flowable composites that look amazing and last

Hands-On Workshop Courses

Dr Maxim Belograd


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Dr. Pascal Magne

Aesthetic Anterior and an Update on Posterior Bonded Restorations: Mastering Direct and Indirect Techniques

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Dr Jordi Manauta, Dr. Anna Salat

Layers: The Comprehensive Composite Workshop 2017

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