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4-5-6 Global Diagnosis

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  • CPD Points:
    ADA CERP ( 1.75 points)
    Dental Board of Australia ( 2.00 points)
  • Speaker: Dr. Bill Robbins
  • Location: Study Clubs
  • Date: Oct 21st at 7:00 PM*
    * This date / time will vary depending on your local Study Club.

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Each of the numbers in the 4-5-6 title have a meaning. The “4” is for the 4 Global Diagnoses that dictate all interdisciplinary treatment planning.

They are

1) Skeletal Discrepancy

2) Short/Long/Hyperactive Lip

3) Dentoalveolar Extrusion

4) Short Teeth.

The “5” is for the “5 Core Questions” that lead us through the diagnostic process to make a Global Diagnosis on any patient. The “6” is for the “6 Tools” that we have as dentists to correct any
landscape/tooth/gingiva discrepancy. This lecture will give an overview of the Global Diagnosis System and it’s use in treatment planning the complex interdisciplinary patient.



  • Understand the 4 Global Diagnoses
  • Understand the 5 Core Questions that leads the clinician through the diagnostic process Understand the 6 Tools that are available to the clinician to correct the problems discovered in the Global Diagnosis system.

Dr. Bill Robbins

Dr. Bill Robbins

J. William Robbins, D.D.S., M.A., maintains a full-time private practice and is Clinical Professor in the Department of General Dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. He graduated from the University of Tennessee ...

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