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Layers and the Style Italiano Method

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Course Description



Aesthetics dentistry is a topic now commonly presented in many congresses, articles and dental schools. It is something every dentist wants to do and achieve but aesthetically can be difficult to master especially with new complicated techniques. Some dentists are skeptical with the term “simple” aesthetic dentistry as the process may not always acheive optimum easthetic results. However, this is not always the case as demonstrated by Style Italiano. Learn how to obtain excellent results with the rational use of the “all time” concepts and the most contemporary simplified techniques


This course has as main goal, that is to teach the practitioner practical simple fool proof techniques that can be apply immediately after the course in their everyday practice boosting the quality of their work, especially function and aesthetics. • Become an expert in color matching • Master stratification of composite resins • Master surface texture and morphology • Learn how make adhesive dentistry last 

Day 1


The Secrets of DIGITAL Colour

  • Basic concepts of colour for beginners and experts
  • Colour theory
  • Commercial shades - advantages and disadvantages
  • Industrial shade guides, product oriented
  • Personalised shade guides, types and use
  • Digital recipes and abandoning the analogue
  • Stratification technique selection according to the colour obtained
  • Is material selection important?

Anterior Directs Class IV

  • Obtaining the perfect palatal index
  • Cavity preparation
  • Adhesive steps
  • Matrix and wedging management
  • Thickness control during stratification
  • Enamel placement tips and tricks
  • Morphology, luster and polishing
  • Handling fractured teeth
  • Maintenance and long-term control

Direct Veneers and technical rationale

  • Color determination in veneers
  • Construction sequence
  • Danger areas
  • Indications
  • Restoration design
  • Mass disposition
  • Finishing, polishing and longevity

Posterior Tips and trick 20 years experience

  • Repeatable, easy and a very refined stratification technique
  • Composite contraction
  • Trust your modeling
  • Rational use of stains
  • Matrices management
  • Super contact achievement
  • Stratification
  • Modeling for the future materials
  • Understanding anatomy from another point of view
  • Colour selection
  • Essence of the anatomical features
  • Instruments for perfect morphology


Live demostration

  • Deep margin elevation
  • Essential Lines modeling

Day 2


Stratification Bases  

  • Hands-on on how to obtain the perfect silicone bases for anterior stratification
  • Obtain the perfect palatal index
  • Stratification area determination
  • Colour estimation
  • Cavity prep and conditioning

Class IV and CBT technique

  • Hands-on on aesthetic class IV construction
  • Palatal wall construction
  • Proximal wall with an anatomical matrix 
  • Dentinal body thickness calibration
  • Enamel Placement

Essential Shape and Morphology and Shape  

  • Theory and Hands-on about finishing and polishing
  • Contour • Primary anatomy
  • Secondary anatomy
  • Tertiary anatomy
  • Smoothing phase
  • Gloss phase

Everything about Anterior Directs Class III and V

  • From the simple to the complex
  • 3rd classes, colour and technique
  • How to obtain a tight contact everytime
  • Natural contour in proximal anteriors
  • 5th classes the classical technique
  • Colour and shape
  • Cavity configuration
  • Stratification technique
  • The closing gap technique, suffer no more
  • Hybrid cavities
  • All of the above concepts applied in a clinical challenge 

Day 3


Diastema and Shape modifications 

  • The Diastema challenge
  • Historical techniques for closing diastemas
  • The front wing technique
  • Other applications of the front wing
  • Shape modifications
  • Treating conoid teeth
  • The single veneer challenge under another perspective

Diastema Restoration

  • Hands-on on how to restore naturally diastema
  • Colour estimation
  • Front wing construction
  • Proximal walls optimization before matrix
  • Proximal walls with an anatomical matrix
  • Backfilling
  • Proximal finishing and polishing 

Advanced Posteriors

  • Contact point management
  • Preserving or covering cusps
  • Rational use of bulk fill materials
  • Cervical enamel preservation
  • Cavity preparation
  • When direct or indirect
  • Indirect preparation

Deep margin elevation and cusp coverage

  • Hands-on posterior complex restoration
  • Deep margin elevation (Demo)
  • Proximal wall construction
  • Height control
  • Cavity base calibration
  • Essential lines modeling

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