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Dental ED
is an international study club network and provider of continuing professional development courses. Since its launch in August 2003, it has become the largest web conferencing based study club globally with over 100 sites in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Canada, and still growing. Thousands of satisfied dentists around the world are testament to the success of Dental ED as the reputable firm it is today.

Study Clubs

The Dental ED model is unique and continually refined to keep pace with today's dental professional training needs. At its core, Dental ED is a study club where dentists, Hygienists, Dental Therapists and Oral Therapists get together after office hours for a social and networking event that provides an opportunity to hear high-profile speakers present cutting edge dentistry. The program consists of a set number of educational, live and interactive lectures, as well as optional advanced clinical training sessions. The lecture sessions are of the highest quality content; given that the world’s leading experts provide them. These 7 sessions are pre-scheduled for the year and are provided by live, high definition web conferencing technology to the study club approximately every 6 weeks between 7 - 9 pm weekdays.

In addition, Study Clubs provide an option to include a number of clinical sessions that are more technically focused. These sessions are in treatment planning, live in-person presentations, and demonstration/mini hands-on course sessions. They are aimed at dentists and auxiliary support teams wanting more exclusive in-depth training from the study club.

Study Club Groups are set up in two ways: (a) dental specialists purchasing the program and then inviting dentists in their local area, or (b) study clubs of independent dentists and/or other dental specialists purchase by sharing the cost as a group.

The main features that set Dental ED apart from other study clubs are its high-end content and pre-packaged service. Dental ED is at the forefront of its industry in that it consistently provides the highest quality international dental educators at an affordable price for dentists and study club owners.

The pre-packaged nature of Dental ED’s services ensures efficiency and convenience for time-poor dental professionals. The package includes the following:

1. All invitation and promotional materials.
2. The yearly lecture program with set dates and times.
3. Online registration service for members.
4. Online coordinator study club module to manage the study club.
5. IT support.
6. Marketing consultation for you and your staff.

Lecture and Hands On Courses

Dental ED also provides dentists with high-end lectures and hands on courses. We run a number of hands on courses during the year in each country with a number of internationally recognised speakers. These include names like Pascal Magne, Jeff Okeson, Galip Gurel, Mauro Fradeani and many more. Stay tuned as to who we will be bring to your area soon.

Online Courses - Coming soon (2014)
Mentor Time - Coming soon (2014)


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