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An Update on Aesthetic Anterior & Posterior Bonded Restorations: Mastering Direct and Indirect Techniques

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Course Description


This course will be an intense lecture program for all practitioners wishing to upgrade their skills in anterior bonded restorations using direct composite resins and indirect porcelain veneers.
An update on aesthetic posterior bonded restoration will also be given during the the second day. Although bonded ceramics seem to represent the ultimate biologic, functional, mechanical and aesthetic restoration for compromised anterior teeth, the number of ultraconservative treatment strategies and materials continues to grow. The practitioner is faced with many aesthetic treatment modalities and products. The major disadvantage of this evolution is that it becomes increasingly difficult to make the appropriate choices in a given clinical situation.

The availability of various treatment alternatives often allows for selection of an approach that conserves the maximum amount of intact tissue and which complies with the biomimetic principle. Treatment options should always first include the simplest procedures such as chemical treatments and freehand composites and then progress toward more sophisticated approaches such as laminate veneers and full coverage crowns only when required. The same dilemmas exist in the posterior dentition (direct vs. indirect) but it is this case that there is a growing indication for the use of semi-(in) direct CAD/CAM techniques, the advantages of which will be discussed and illustrated with clinical and research works. 

Mimic natural beauty and morphology

What to expect: Determine which clinical situations can be addressed with ceramic veneering or can be approached with ultraconservative techniques, combining bleaching and direct application of composite resins. The course will review materials and step by step procedure in direct and indirect bonding, tooth preparation and luting procedure including CAD/CAM techniques in the posterior dentition. 

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