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Privacy Policy

1. Protecting your privacy

Dental ED is committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with privacy laws, we observe our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, as well other relevant State legislation. This policy outlines how we manage privacy protection of your personal information.

2. Why we collect private information

Dental ED Pty Ltd is a membership based organisation which aims to encourage the improvement of the oral health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry. Dental ED is a professional body, which means we embark on the delivery of a range of services and projects to members and to the promotion of dental health and services throughout Australia and Internationally. We collect information about members and others which enables us to communicate with them, introduce them to our organisation and inform them of the work we do. We do not use the information in any way other than in the furtherance of our objects and purposes. We might also use information for the following purposes: • For the immediate reason for which you have provided it to us (for example, to enable Dental ED to process your request, payment, registration, subscription, access to or delivery of service etc.) • To maintain contact with you about Dental ED’s work and report to you about our courses, or to encourage you to learn via Dental ED; and • We don’t rent, sell or exchange your information. The types of organisations to whom we normally disclose your personal information include: Mailing houses for delivery of Dental ED or other dentally related publications to you • Entities engaged by Dental ED to undertake surveys or to collect practice or other data from you on our behalf • Approved organisations such as sponsors or partners for the purpose of promoting products for which Dental ED is directly affiliated

3. How do we collect your information?

Dental ED may collect information from you in a few different ways. Directly from you in person, in writing, via contact with our website, and also by telephone through our staff.

4. How we use your information

We only use your personal and sensitive information for the reason we collect it as set out above and for the purpose(s) for which it was collected, or as otherwise permitted by law. We will not disclose the above information that we collect to any affiliates without your consent.

5. Cookies and links to other websites

When visiting the Dental ED website a record of your visit is logged. The following data is supplied by your browser: • Your IP address and/or domain name • The date, time and length of your visit to the website • Your operating system (type of browser and platform) • The resources you accessed and the documents you downloaded This information is used to compile statistical information about the use of our website. It is not used for any other purpose. If you do not want ‘cookies’ to be used please adjust your browser settings to disable them. Our website may contain links to third party websites, and third party websites may also have links to our website. The DENTAL ED Privacy Policy does not apply to external links or other websites. The operators of other websites may collect your personal information.

6. Accessing and correcting your personal information

You can access your information by accessing your details through the Dental ED web site using your confidential log in and password. If you have forgotten your user name and password, you may request access by contacting our IT support at: support@dentaledglobal.com If you have a question about this privacy policy or want to access your personal information you can contact Dental ED on (AUS) +61 3 9386 7376 / (USA) +1 (323) 970 3216 or alternatively send an email to support@dentaledglobal.com We will aim to respond to you within 28 days of receiving your request. If we’re not able to help with your request, we will send you a written explanation as to why.

7. Securing your information

At Dental ED we take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal information to protect it against loss, misuse or unauthorised access. Our IT systems are password protected and comply with applicable security standards. Only authorised personnel are permitted to access these details.

8. Complaints about a breach of your privacy

If you are concerned about how we have collected or managed your personal information we request you contact Dental ED on: (AUS) +61 3 9386 7376 / (USA) +1 (323) 970 3216 or support@dentaledglobal.com in order to effectively address your complaint. We may request further information from you about your complaint and the reasons behind the submission. After we receive all the information we need from you, allow us approximately 30 days to address your complaint. If you’re not satisfied with how we have handled your complaint you can also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) on https://www.oaic.gov.au/. The OAIC is a government body independent of us. It has the power to investigate complaints about possible interference with your privacy.

9. Further Information

If you would like any further information about our privacy policy or have any other concerns over personal information disclosed to us or that we have collected from others please contact us at: support@dentaledglobal.com or by telephone on: (AUS) +61 3 9386 7376 / (USA) +1 (323) 970 3216