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Session 2: Ultraconservative Treatment Options

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The number of ultraconservative treatment strategies for the anterior dentition continues to grow, and the clinician is faced with many esthetic treatment modalities. The major disadvantage of this evolution is that it becomes increasingly difficult to make the appropriate choice in a given clinical situation. On the other hand, the availability of various treatment alternatives often allows for selection of more socio-economic alternatives that conserves the maximum amount of intact tissues while still complying with the biomimetic principle. Treatment options should always first include the simplest procedures (such as chemical treatments, resin-infiltration and freehand composites) and then progress toward more sophisticated approaches (laminate veneers and full-coverage crowns) only when required and if the patient can afford it. This webinar will help the clinician to determine which clinical situations do not require indirect bonded ceramics and can be approached with ultraconservative techniques.

This course is a LIVE ONLINE AND INTERACTIVE SESSION with Pascal Magne. 

This is a 4 hour live interactive sessio

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