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A New Perspective On Occlusion

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  • CPD Points:
    Dental Board of Australia ( 2.00 points)
    ADA CERP ( 1.75 points)
  • Speaker: Dr Jim McKee
  • Location: Study Clubs
  • Date: May 4th at 7:00 PM*
    * This date / time will vary depending on your local Study Club.

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Today, we have a better understanding of many occlusal problems that have challenged our profession for decades. Our ability to understand occlusion begins with redefining occlusion to include not only the teeth but also the TM joints. By expanding occlusal concepts to include both the teeth and the TM joints, we finally have answers why some patients have malocclusions, why some patients have pain and why some patients have both. As both a specialist and a restorative dentist, the key to success in most cases is the ability to manage bite forces both at the tooth level and the joint level.

During this presentation, we will discuss traditional occlusal concepts that have proven success. We will also discuss traditional occlusal concepts that may be outdated given our increased knowledge in occlusion and TM joints. Additionally, we will also discuss managerial concepts such as fees, insurance coverage and the verbal skills for increased case acceptance. Combining the clinical and managerial information will provide a framework for implementation in your practice.

Learning Objectives That Will Be Explained In This Program Include:

  • Recognise high-risk occlusion and TM joint patient when considering restorative dentistry,
  • Implant dentistry, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, or airway treatment.
  • Learn new concepts in occlusion and TM joint diagnosis and treatment planning and learn
  • What historical occlusal/TMD concepts may need revision.
  • Develop an treatment planning protocol that can be used on for predictable treatment
  • Outcomes on both low-risk and high-risk occlusion patients

Dr Jim McKee

Dr Jim McKee



Jim McKee is in private practice in Downers Grove, Illinois. Jim has a restoratively based practice with an emphasis on occlusion and temporomandibular joint disorders. In addition to private practice, Jim is a published author who has lectured national and ...

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