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Communication Strategies for Improved Patient Engagement and Adherence

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  • CPD Points:
    Dental Board of Australia ( 2.00 points)
    ADA CERP ( 1.75 points)
  • Speaker: Ms. Linda Meeuwenberg
  • Location: Study Clubs
  • Date: Mar 14th at 7:00 PM*
    * This date / time will vary depending on your local Study Club.

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For health care providers, clear health communication is about helping patients to understand and act on health care information so they can follow instructions with the goal of improving health outcomes. Whether presenting recommendations to sustain oral health or recommending dental treatment, each team member plays a vital role in communicating the message to the patient. Learn strategies for evidence-based decision making for selection of techniques/products and how to present them to your patients for improved adherence. Learn what communication science has to say regarding the type of communication that patients respond to best.

Learn how your unique style can interfere or enlighten patient acceptance. This is a professional empowerment presentation that the entire team will apply immediately to their practices. Our inspirational speaker is sure to revive your passion for outstanding patient care!


1. Describe the health communication needs of providers and how they compare to the unique

communication needs of the patient/client.

2. Discuss verbal/non verbal communication cues and how to benefit from them.

3. Describe the most important factor that determines patient engagement and improved adherence.

Ms. Linda Meeuwenberg

Ms. Linda Meeuwenberg

Ms. Meeuwenberg is the founder and C.E.O. of Professional Development Association, Inc. dedicated to improving performance with her workshops, CE courses, coaching, and writings. She is a 2009 Hygiene Hero Recipient and a 2012 RDH Sunstar Award of Distinction Recipient, ...

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