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Photography, DSD, Rubberdamology, Indirect Anteriors and Posteriors In/Onlays -from start to finish - Taiwan

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Course Description


This program will provide you an introduction to the MicroVision world, secrets in isolation, indirect restorations for anterior teeth and inlays/onlays of posterior teeth. This course provides clear and concise clinical pros techniques from ruberdam placement, digital photography, dsd smile design to veneer and crown preparation, cementation, polishing and much more. Achieve outstanding results with world-renowned Maxim Belograd of the MicroVision group.

This first Australian course consists of 3 days of concentrated theoretical blocks followed by a powerful hands-on workshop that will assist in transforming your aesthetic dental skills to the next level.

DAY 1 - 13 August 2017



MicroVison world and the secrets of Isolation

• Introduction to MicroVision world

• Operation microscope/Loupes in endo | resto | prostho

• Micro ergonomics: set-up and positioning

• Rubberdamology

• Basic and advanced equipment for isolation

• Classic protocols of isolation in operative dentistry (endo | resto | prostho)

• Knots, teflon, retraction cord for 100% result

• Clamp modification

• Difficult cases and solutions

• Split-dam overview for different tasks


The workshop is about how to set-up operative microscope for personal purposes and how to provide extreme comfortable isolation during restorative procedures, endo and teeth preparation.

Powerful guide to step-by-step techniques consist of:

• Microscope/Loupes set-up

• Ergonomic positioning

• Classic isolation

• Clamp choice

• Split dam

• Additional isolation: flosses, Teflon, retractive cords, silicon

The participants will progress through exercises including isolation of anterior and posterior dentitions with advanced techniques based on additional isolation tricks

Day 2 - 14 August 2017

Ceramic Veneers: From idea to realization


• Analysis and Planning of aesthetic rehabilitation

• Digital Smile Design as powerful source for communication with patient and lab

• Protocol of photo and video taking

• Creating the prototype of restoration

• Choosing the restorative way regarding biomechanics, invasion, budget and time

• Transitional bonding as temporary solution in poor economic conditions

• Preparation techniques for microveneers using magnification. MicroVision approach

• Veneer types: classic veneer, double veneer, ceramic fragments, and full contour veneer

• Predictable and aesthetic provisional restorations

• Bonding protocols and isolation 


The workshop will introduce you to minimal invasive and clear preparation techniques of frontal teeth for different veneer types. Powerful step-by-step techniques consist of:

•          Live demonstration preparation protocols for 3 veneer types

•          Initial preparation

•          Finishing and polishing

•          Fabrication of artistic provisional veneer.

The participants will progress through exercises of veneer preparation and provisional restorations of frontal teeth using burs, silicon tips and enamel chisels.

DAY 3 - 15 August 2017

Posterior Bonded in/on/overlays.


• Bonded ceramic restoration for posterior teeth: when and how

• Choosing the restorative way regarding biomechanics invasion, budget and time

• BioMechanics of ceramic restoration

• Design of preparation regarding the type of restoration.

• To cover or not to cower the cusps

• Immediate dentin sealing

• Deep margin elevation

• Transitional bonding

• Adhesive cementation

• Complex rehabilitation and ceramic restorations.


The workshop is about how to provide minimal invasive and clear preparation of posterior teeth for in/onlays and veneerlays.

Powerful guide to step-by-step techniques consist of:

• Live demonstration 

• Preparation protocol for different types of restorations: VENEER-LAY, ON-LAY, OVER-LAY, IN-LAY 

• Initial preparation 

• Finishing and polishing 

• Immediate dentin sealing 

• Deep margin elevation 

• Microscope/Loupes usage during prep proceeding 

• Micro ergonomics 

• Provisional restorations 

The participants will progress through the exercises including in/onlays and veneerlays preparation using burs, polishing instruments and enamel chisels.

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