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Session 1: The Natural Oral Blueprint ; An Esthetic Checklist

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1/2 day Esthetic restorative procedures can only be mastered consistently if both clinician and ceramist are perfectly familiar with the basic principles of natural oral esthetics. Most important criteria have been selected and are presented in the form of a checklist for esthetic restorative success (modified from Belser). This overview of esthetic principles is not limited to simple tooth esthetics, but includes the entire knowledge of gingival esthetics and the final esthetic integration into the frame of the smile, face and - more generally - the individual.

At the end of the course participants will be familiar with:

1. Basic principles of natural oral esthetics.
2. A checklist of important criteria for esthetic restorative success.
3. Gingival esthetics and challenges related to the loss of inter-dental tissues in fixed partial dentures and implant-supported restorations.

This course is a LIVE ONLINE AND INTERACTIVE SESSION with Pascal Magne. 

This is a 4 hour session

30 day access only

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