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Dental ED is delighted to announce an exclusive and unique 1 day hands-on program in Doncaster, Melbourne with internationally renowned Maxim Belograd (MicroVision). This program will be held at the Manningham Function Centre in Doncaster on Monday 22nd August 2016 (the Melbourne program is independent of the Maxim 3 day advanced program in Sydney). This 1 day workshop offers individuals a morning workshop in rubberdam techniques and/or an afternoon workshop in digital dental photography.

Be part of an exclusive group of professionals and learn from the very best that this unique course offers in both Rubberdam techniques and/or dental photography by the internationally renowned Maxim Belograd.

RUBBERDAMOLOGY -from start to finish-

RUBBERDAMOLOGY -from start to finish-

THEORY & WORKSHOP (A) 9:00am-1:00pm

It is well known that all dental treatment must be fully controlled by the operator. We are all accustomed to paying attention to minor details of operative procedures, learning new aspects of operative dentistry protocols, but wasting valuable clinical time dealing with saliva, bleeding, tongue, chicks and lips that can interfere with the operative field. In this course, we will learn how to place and work with various systems.

The course will cover:

• Basic and advanced equipment for isolation.

• Classic protocols of isolation in operative dentistry (endo | restorative | pros)

• Additional elements of isolation for 100% result: The use of knots, teflon, retraction cord etc.

• Clamp modification

• Difficult cases and solutions

• Split-dam overview for various tasks

• How to prepare teeth under the dam

• The use of rubberdam for cementation of restorations.

And much more..........




THEORY & WORKSHOP (B) 2:00pm-5:00pm

Advanced photography: This workshop is created to share simple and effective digital photography concepts for the planning and analysing aesthetically challenging treatment. The participants will learn the protocols for portrait and intraoral photography. Tips and tricks related to choice of camera and settings for professional dental photography.

• Learn protocols for portrait and intraoral photography

• Positioning, lighting and photography techniques

• Tips and tricks related to choice of camera and settings for professional dental photography

• The use of photography for smile design

• Basic aesthetic parameters

• Cameras and basic settings

• Lenses and light sources (flashes, soft boxes, LED lightning)

• Portrait photography

• Intraoral photography: protocols and equipment (retractors, contrastors, mirrors, and polarizing filters)

• Artistic photography for marketing and presentations

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