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Prof Ian Meyers

Prof Ian Meyers

Prof Meyers is currently in general dental practice in Brisbane, Australia and has honorary professorial positions with The University of Queensland School of Dentistry, and James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry. Ian has worked in both public and private dental clinics and has been involved with The University of Queensland since 1988. He was the inaugural Colgate Chair of General Dental Practice from 2001 – 2009, and then Chief Dental Officer for Queensland Health from 2009 – 2010 and the 2010 President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Dental Association. He is a product consultant to a range of dental companies and has been a member and chairman of the ADA Dental Instruments, Materials and Equipment Committee. He is a member of the International Association for Dental Research, Chairman of the Australian Dental Research Foundation Research Advisory Committee and a member of the editorial board of The Australian Dental Journal and several other international journals. His major interests include adhesive restorative dental materials, diagnosis and management of the worn dentition, minimum intervention dentistry, and teaching and clinical development in general practice dentistry.

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