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Dr Merrilyn Hooley

Dr Merrilyn Hooley

Dr Merrilyn Hooley is developmental psychologist in the School of Psychology at Deakin University and formerly

a dental therapist in the public dental system in Victoria. While working as a dental therapist, Merrilyn became

interested in patients’ responses to discomfort and this led to the formal study of psychology and completion of

a PhD in 2007. Although moving to a new field, Merrilyn maintains a passion for oral health and has combined

her interests in oral health, psychology, children’s development, and parenting in her research. She has

published in the area of child oral health and obesity, and is currently working to improve the oral health of children

in out-of-home care by providing professional development to children’s carers in residential and home-based


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Pain, Perception and Behaviour

Pain, Perception and Behaviour

Pain, Perception and Behaviour (Online Course)

This session will explore ‘pain’, how it is perceived and what the literature suggests about individual differences in ways people respond to pain. Research about pain and the factors that ...

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