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Mr. Emanuel Recupero

Mr. Emanuel Recupero
Emanuel Recupero graduated in 1991 from the University of La Trobe, Melbourne in Biological Sciences, Honors degree, majoring in Microbiology and Physiology. He worked in a medical lab for 6 months at Western Health Services as a medical microbiologist before deciding to change paths and go into the pharmaceutical industry. He started working for Syntex, selling Naprosyn to medical doctors.

After 2 years and been nominated as a top performing representative winning multiple prizes, Emanuel took a position of a specialist Osteoporosis representative with Roche Pharmaceuticals. His role was to provide advisory and research support to specialists who dealt with Osteoporosis as well as promote and sell Rocaltrol. During the 3 years at Roche, Emanuel becomes an elite performer in terms of his sales and networking ability and was given a role to conduct marketing for the product.
In 1997, Emanuel decided to leave the industry and start his own marketing consulting business (MMS), providing B2B marketing strategies for Radiologists and hospitals. The concept of the consulting business was to provide the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry “strategic marketing" and selling skills so as to increase referral work from medical practitioners. It was during this time that Emanuel did some work for some dentists to help them grow their business and came across the concept of study club learning.

The Birth of Dental ED
Emanuel understood the importance of study club learning and particularly the business networking opportunities. The issue at the time was that study clubs were providing incestuous education or pass down modified content. The main reason for this was because of the cost of accessing key speakers for study clubs, so
the concept of using the internet was introduced to overcome this barrier. First tests were conducted in June 2003 where 7 study clubs were connected to the
speaker and the presentation was transmitted live, a first of its kind in the dental industry. In November that same year, 12 study clubs were connected to an
overseas presenter making the transmission the first live transatlantic presentation in dentistry and in 2004, Dental ED was born. In 2007, Dental ED introduces the first international hands-on course in Australia with Dr. Newton Fahl as well as been the largest hands-on course to date with 70 people. In 2017, Dental ED operates in 11 countries and is the worlds largest international study club network as well as the largest hands on course network.

The Future of Dental ED
Dental ED is a high-end education and training company using technology as its backbone. Our programmers have developed many unique products in the market such as our remote video launching software, certificate handling, and web conferencing registration system. Now Dental ED has developed its own unique and powerful marketing platform called MiPractice. It is under current development for a totally revolutionary marketing CRM system and a powerful remote online hands-on course system.

Emanuel's Private life
Emanuel has been married for 19 years with his wife Elda and has a son called Stefan. His past time is watching good movies, driving out to the country and tinkering with electronic gadgets. Emanuel is invited to conduct marketing presentations due to his experience and world knowledge of the dental marketing climate.

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