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Dr Johan Aps

Dr Johan Aps
Johan Aps is from Belgium where, at the University of Ghent, he obtained his dental degree in 1993, his degree in paediatric dentistry and special needs in 1997 and his PhD in 2002. In 2008 he obtained his Master’s degree in dental and maxillofacial radiology at the University of London in the UK. And from 1993 till 2004 he worked in his own private dental practice while he was also a faculty member at the University of Ghent. In 2004 he became a full-time faculty member at his alma mater and established several new courses at the University of Ghent (e.g. local anaesthesia, dental radiography, principles of oral medicine, saliva-caries- erosion practicals) while treating patients in the Ghent University Outpatient Dental Hospital. In July 2012 he moved to Seattle to start working at the University of Washington as Clinical Associate Professor, where he established new courses in dental radiology and fundamental courses for the first year dental students. In January 2018 he moved to Perth to join the University of Western Australia, where he is currently Discipline Lead for Dentomaxillofacial Radiology and Divisional Head of Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences. He is the recipient of several awards and the author of one full textbook on radiology in paediatric dentistry, co-author of several books, author of several book chapters, peer-review papers, and conference abstracts and associate editor of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (official IADMFR journal). He is currently president-elect of the IADMFR and organiser of the 2023 IADMFR meeting in Perth. Johan is also a frequently asked speaker and presenter at national and international meetings. His particular interests are radiology, dosimetry, anatomy, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, diagnostics and local anaesthesia. He is a key opinion leader for Dental Hitec®, a French manufacturer of devices for intraosseous anaesthesia.

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