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Dr. Jay Bowman

Dr. Jay Bowman

Dr. Jay Bowman is specifically interested in mechanisms to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment to the benefit of both the patient and practitioner without compromising quality. He has developed Class II Combination Therapy, combining molar distalization with fixed functionals, to reduce reliance upon compliance for predictable case completion. With an emphasis for on-time finishing, Dr. Bowman's conservative approaches for space management and limiting two-phase treatments provide reasonable reduction in "extractions" without conceding stability, comfort, and aesthetics.

In addition, he was first in the U.S. to incorporate the Distal Jet appliance in his practice and has been instrumental in its continued enhancement and modification. He created the Bumper Jumper, combining Jasper Jumpers with lip bumpers to enhance the utility of each.

Most recently, he has collaborated with American Orthodontics, Inc. on the design of the Butterfly pre-adjusted bracket system and prescription, the Twist Rotatorque v-slot auxiliary, the Monkey Hook, Kilroy and Molar Jack impacted tooth auxiliaries, and the Compliance, + U-Turn, Power Arm v-slot springs, and the Bowman Consolidator (Inman Aligner) among other new innovations for clinical practice.

Since 1985, Dr. Bowman assumed the private practices of three orthodontists and continues to maintain a successful orthodontic practice in Kalamazoo/Portage, Michigan. He provides seminars aimed at dispelling the myths and controversies in his profession by utilizing the scientific literature.

Dr. Bowman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists, a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, a charter-member of the World Federation of Orthodontists and is a Regent of the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. He developed and teaches the Straightwire course at the University of Michigan and he is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Saint Louis University. He has over 50 articles published and has lectured in over a dozen countries (Brazil, France, Tunisia, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the Caribbean).

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