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Dr. James Boyd

Dr. James Boyd
Dr. Boyd is a practicing clinical consultant and the past Director of Research and Senior Clinical Instructor at the White Memorial Medical Center Craniofacial/TMD clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Boyd currently practices with Andrew Blumenfeld, MD, (a neurologist specializing in migraine) at The Headache Center, part of the Neurology Center at the Scripps Hospital campus in Encinitas, California. Dr. Boyd lectures throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Previously, Dr. Boyd founded the Headache Prevention Institute in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1995, and through 1999 exclusively treated patients suffering from chronic tension-type headache, migraine, and jaw disorders.

Dr. Boyd had suffered from daily all-day headache, occasional migraine and chronic jaw problems for 12 years. In 1990, he began doing retrospective research on neuromuscular hyperactivity of the head and neck, and identified what appeared to be the answer he was looking for. Rather than his problems being a result of what is typically referred to as the "occlusion" or "bite" (the description of the arrangement of the teeth and how they relate to the opposite arch), Dr. Boyd hypothesized that his symptoms were the result of his occluding, that is, the frequency, duration, and most importantly, the intensity of the trigeminal motor nucleus responsible for the occluding of his teeth.

Dr. Boyd designed, developed, and patented the NTI-tss device (nociceptive trigeminal inhibition) which suppresses the intensity of the chronic contraction of the musculature which either causes or perpetuates trigeminally mediated signs and symptoms.

The FDA approved the NTI for marketing to dentists for the prevention of TMJ syndrome in July of 1998. In June of 2001, the FDA approved the NTI Device for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain. The usage of The NTI Device will also be discussed in this lecture.

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