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Becoming Cultured: Understanding Intercultural Communication To Enhance Patient Care

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  • CPD Points:
    ADA CERP ( 1.75 points)
    Dental Board of Australia ( 2.00 points)
  • Speaker: Ms. Toni Adams
  • Location: Study Clubs
  • Date: Oct 24th at 7:00 PM*
    * This date / time will vary depending on your local Study Club.

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The study of intercultural communication is a new and critical topic in dentistry.  Minority groups are the fastest growing segments of our population and they also have the poorest general and oral health.  Diverse cultural views profoundly influence how health is received and how health care is delivered. This program will help dental clinicians understand different cultural perspectives, including their own.  This knowledge enhances the attendee’s ability to communicate with a diverse clientele in order to foster understanding and trust, and facilitate the delivery of patient-centered and evidence-based care. Some topics include: various cultural perceptions of health, the importance of cultural self-awareness, the cultural concepts of ethnocentrism, direct and indirect communication, individualism and collectivism, and differing perceptions of time.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Appreciate culture’s influence on communication in health settings, especially dentistry.

2. Understand four cultural concepts.

3. Increase cultural self-awareness.

4. Enhance cultural communication skills.

Ms. Toni Adams

Ms. Toni Adams


Award-winning writer and speaker Toni S. Adams, RDH, MA, combines 26 years of clinical dental hygiene experience with her bachelor and masters degree education in Communication Studies to specialize in communication issues in dentistry. Some of her favorite topics include ...

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