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Creating a Single Central Composite Resin Veneer That Can Rival Porcelain

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Course Description


Matching a single central is one of the most challenging techniques we do in dentistry. This lecture and “Live Demonstration “ via the use of a visualizer will show you step by step how to create a single central resin veneer to match an Adjacent tooth. Through the use of different composite materials and tints, you will see how to layer, create chroma, incisal translucency, and surface texture that rivals any porcelain restoration. Great detail and up close demonstration will allow you to incorporate the technique into your practice for increased profitability and predictability. This 2.0 hour Lecture and demonstration, including a 30 min Q and A to help you with any issues you may have.

After completion you will learn:
1. How to layer for maximum esthetics
2. Understand the speed of the hand-piece for creating surface texture.
3. Learn a pull through technique for perfect contacts.
4. Polishability for longevity

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