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Hands-on with Styleitaliano Live Online

Dental ED was the first to introduce online distance learning in 2004 and now we are revolutionising things again. Introducing the first fully interactive virtual live online hands on course with Style Italiano.

  • We will send you all the materials and tools for the course.
  • You will log on and go live with Dr Walter Devoto and Dr Jordi Manuata.
  • You will fully interact with the speakers in every way as you would in person.
  • You will do the exercises and present them to the speaker for clear guidance and instructions.
  • You will do the course in the convenience of your own location, clinic, home etc.
  • All participants will receive a backup recording in case of technical difficulties.


  • Shape modification: Personal history on diastema restoration and shape modifications, disadvantages of classical techniques and how the new proposals fulfil all clinical requirements for excellence.
  • (Practical) Diastema Closure: Step-by-step for an accurate diastema restoration with perfect contours and strong contact point.
  • Corrections maintenance and longevity: 28 years of experience doing the best composites and how composite can change your vision in dentistry even when doing prosthodontics and mouth rehabilitations. How to keep them healthy in time and how to make them “last forever”
  • (Practical) Composite correction and maintenance: Technique for doing an advanced correction on a previously restored tooth.
  • Posterior direct: Direct restorations class I and class II, Caries removal, cavity preparation, material selection, and tips to long lasting beautiful restorations. Modelling techniques from the past to the present. Introduction to essential lines.
  • Essential Lines 3D: How to do a precise filling in a large class II cavity with perfect contact point and perfect aesthetics, fast modelling with precision.
  • When to indirect posterior restorations: Guidelines for adhesive Onlays and Overlays, when an adhesive restoration will succeed or fail. When to stop and prepare a crown. Cavity design, pre-build-up, temporization and introduction to cementation.
  • (Practical) Overlay preparation: Fast build-up and 4 step preparation of a full coverage Overlay-type restoration.


  • Diastema 1:1 09D1104 
  • Diastema 2:1 09D2103 
  • Class IV Fracture 1.1 09D1107 
  • II class 1:6 09D1605 
  • Sound 1:6 09D1601

Day 1

DAY 1: AUGUST 28th: 9am-5pm AEST - Manauta/Devoto

  • 9:00 Shape Modification
  • 11:00 Diastema
  • 14:00 Corrections, Maintenance and composite longevity
  • 16:00 Composite correction and Maintenance

Day 2

DAY 2: AUGUST 29th: 9am-5pm AEST - Manauta/Devoto

  • 9:00 Posterior Direct bases ,tips and tricks
  • 11:00 Essential Lines 3D
  • 14:00 When to do what: indirect
  • posterior restorations
  • 16:00 Overlay preparations


DAY 3: AUGUST 27th: 9am-12pm AEST - Dr Toni Surace (Momentum)

An interactive online session that will teach you how to get patients asking for the composite dentistry skills you will learn in this Style Italiano hands on course


  • Learn the 4 ways to engage with patients based on their behavioural traits
  • Teach patients the difference between a typical composite restoration and your premium aesthetic restorations. Get them asking for premium every time!
  • Discover how to set up your practice with composite dentistry marketing materials
  • Receive social media templates to educate your patients about premium aesthetic dentistry


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