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Mastering Tooth Preparation and Bonding of Ceramic Restorations: Crowns, Veneers and On-Lays

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Course Description


Instead of a 1000-word theory program, you will get 25 real clinical exercises for practicing and improving your skills. In 3 days you will be attending a uniquely designed course specifically for Dental ED which will cover years of various ceramic exercise into the one program. This course is truly unique as you will be working with the talented Maxim Belograd doing 25 real ceramic scenario exercises and the guidance to back it all up which take you to the next level of ceramic dentistry.  


The unique program consists of minimally invasive preparations for different types of ceramic restorations including: veneers, crowns for anterior and posterior teeth as well as In-On-and Over-Lays. Practical and intense exercises include ergonomics and preparation of teeth on upper and lower jaw and different quadrants! 100% practical information based on non-limited thinking, full assisted step-by-step methods and high-tech hands-on sessions makes this course one of the best in tooth preparations.

You will learn all secrets, tips and tricks of:

Ceramic veneers: planning and clinical performance. Step-by-step preparation protocols for anterior and posterior crown preparations. Full contour veneers minimally invasive indirect restorations for posterior teeth: on-lays, over-lays and veneer-lays + step-by-step luting procedures.

Formula of 25 live demos and 25 hands-on exercises simulating real clinical situations will give you 100% upgrade of knowledge and skills and to implement all this immediately in your practice. 


DAY 1 : Mastering Veneer Preparation

• Silicone index for prep and for provisional

• Type 1 classic preps for color change

• Type 2

• Type 3

• Solving situation with class 3 caries defect

• Solving situation with class 4 caries defect

• Diastema simulation

• Solution for teeth crowding

• Black triangle

• Window prep

• Double veneer

• Provisional restorations

DAY 2 : Mastering In-On-Overlay Preparation

• Silicon index for provisionals and prep

• Inlay

• Onlay

• Overlay

• Veneer-lay (different types, including veneers for premolars)

• Occlusal veneer

• Imitation of severe caries defects

• Immediate dentin sealing

• Cavity design optimization closing undercuts by composite

• Deep marginal elevation

• Provisional restorations

DAY 3 : Mastering Crown Preparation And Luting

• Silicon index for provisionals and prep

• Full contour veneer for anterior teeth

• Minimally invasive crown - central incisor

• Minimally invasive crown - canine

• Minimally invasive crown - premolar

• Minimally invasive crown - molar

• Provisional restorations

• Bonding procedures of veneer and crown step-by-step

All Exercises included preparation of upper and lower teeth both left and right sides to get best practical components.

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