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Session 3: Semi-Direct and Indirect Approaches

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Direct composite resin restorations have been recognized for their valuable clinical service and respect of intact hard tissues and were covered in part 1 and 2 of this series. The cost-effectiveness and inherent minimally invasive approach of resin-based materials is also gaining popularity for CAD/CAM use. Clinical cases will be presented that could have been resolved either with direct composite resin or indirect porcelain veneers. A novel semi-indirect CAD/CAM approach, characterized by its absolute noninvasiveness and simplicity was chosen instead. The bilaminar restoration consists of a customized histo-anatomical CAD/CAM dentin base (incisoproximal cutback) and a generic enamel skin. The patients can be treated either in 1 clinical session – semi-directly – or 2 clinical sessions – semi-indirectly. The purpose of this article is to present another tool of the anterior restorative armamentarium to bridge the gap between direct and indirect techniques.

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