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Style Italiano: Layers, The Complete Composite Course

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Course Description


We have heard many times that highly aesthetic restorations need sophisticated and complex approaches, only reachable with the “gifted ones”. What if I tell you that it is possible to teach and repeat a feasible method that allows you to achieve perfect restorations with a high rate of success. Our approach allows you to do basically three things, rational colour matching, exact reproduction of the selected colour and the ability to distinguish and learn from eventual mistakes. Understanding material selection, layering technique and morphology management is mandatory for mimicking the slightest nuances in patient’s teeth, and this course will help you get out of those clinical difficulties with composite restorations.


The main goal of this course is to teach the practitioner useful techniques that can be applied immediately after the course in their everyday dentistry to boost the quality of their work, especially regarding function and aesthetics.

• Become extremely effective in colour matching

• Master stratification of composite resins

• Dominate visual surface and morphology matching

• Learn how to make adhesive dentistry last


The Secrets of Colour

• Basic concepts of colour for beginners and experts • Colour theory
• Commercial shades- advantages and disadvantages • Industrial shade guides, product oriented

• Personalized shade guides, types and use
• Material phenomena, opacity, hue, chroma and value
• Strati cation technique selection according to the colour obtained • Is material selection important? Class IV restorations

Anterior Directs Class IV

• Obtaining the perfect palatal index
• Cavity preparation
• Adhesive steps
• Matrix and wedging management
• Thickness control during strati cation • Enamel placement tips and tricks

• Morphology, luster and polishing
• Handling fractured teeth
• Corrections for anterior restorations • Maintenance and long-term control

Strati cation Bases

Hands-on on how to obtain the perfect silicone bases for anterior strati cation

• Obtain the perfect palatal index • Strati cation area determination • Colour estimation
• Cavity prep and conditioning

Anterior Direct

Hands-on on aesthetic class IV construction

• Palatal wall construction
• Proximal wall with an anatomical matrix • Dentinal body thickness calibration
• Incisal Halo strati cation
• Enamel Placement 


Anterior Directs Class III and V

• From the simple to the complex
• 3rd classes, colour and technique
• How to obtain a tight contact everytime
• Natural contour in proximal anteriors
• 5th classes the classical technique
• Colour and shape
• Cavity con guration
• Strati cation technique
• The closing gap technique, su er no more
• Hybrid cavities
• All of the above concepts applied in a clinical challenge

Anterior Directs, Diastema, Shape modi cation

• The Diastema dilemma
• Two historical techniques for closing diastemas
• The front wing technique
• Other applications of the front wing
• Shape modi cations
• Treating conoid teeth
• The single veneer challenge under another perspective

Diastema Restoration

Hands-on on how to restore naturally diastema

• Colour estimation
• Front wing construction
• Proximal walls optimization before matrix • Proximal walls with an anatomical matrix • Back lling
• Proximal nishing and polishing

Morphology and Shape

Hands-on of nishing and polishing of both central and lateral

• Contour
• Primary anatomy
• Secondary anatomy • Tertiary anatomy
• Smoothing phase
• Gloss phase 


Essential Lines

• Modeling for the future materials
• Understanding anatomy from another point of view • Rational use of Bulk ll materials
• Colour selection
• Essence of the anatomical features
• Instruments for perfect morphology
• Upper arch anatomy
• Lower arch anatomy

Essential Lines hands-on

• The snow step technique • Essential Lines UP
• Essential Lines Low

Posterior Direct

• Repeatable, easy and a very re ned strati cation technique • Composite contraction
• Pulp protection
• Trust your modeling

• Anatomy review
• Rational use of stains
• Matrices management
• Super contact achievement • Custom ring technique
• Custom t technique
• Strati cation

Posterior Direct

Hands-on on a posterior direct restoration

• Ultimate update on rings customization • Matrix placement
• Adhesion
• Liner and base

• Essential lines applied to the 3D anatomy • Finishing and polishing

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