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The purpose of all prosthetic rehabilitation should be to restore optimal aesthetics, balance or maintain the healthy status of the stomatognathic system, and ultimately perform minimally invasive treatment.

In order to achieve the first step, the clinician must perform a precise aesthetic analysis, having good knowledge of which parameters are to be analysed and, if necessary, corrected. The second step, requires to perform an appropriate functional analysis by first checking whether the stomatognathic system is in balance or if one or more of its components (joints, muscles and teeth) are compromised. And the third step is to perform minimally invasive treatment, using the ideal treatment plan by adequately processing data collected in the previous two steps.

The clinician must be able to collect and process different information in order to follow a systematic approach that enables him/her to correctly collect all the aesthetic and functional parameters needed to formulate the ideal treatment plan.  Nowadays the dentist can count on digital tools such as GETApp, an application guiding the clinician in all phases of data collection and processing and in the formulation of an ideal prosthetic treatment plan.

Selecting the ceramic material with the dental ceramist is another fundamental step in the management of complex rehabilitation cases. Thanks to the use of metal-free ceramic materials it is now possible to obtain excellent aesthetic results while reducing the need to remove sound tooth structure. Furthermore, an innovative operative protocol allows to face highly compromised clinical situations, with Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures (MIPP) that – thanks also to the VDO modification - guarantee an excellent, long lasting aesthetic result and a better acceptance of the treatment by the patient. This procedure permits to re-establish an ideal occlusal relationship and to avoid additional endodontic or surgical steps that were traditionally necessary in order to improve the retention of the restorations.

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