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The Prosthetic Revolution: A Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedure (MIPP)

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  • CPD Points:
    Singapore Dental Council ( 2.00 points)
    ADA CERP ( 1.75 points)
    Dental Board of Australia ( 2.00 points)
  • Speaker: Dr. Mauro Fradeani
  • Location: Study Clubs
  • Date: Feb 8th at 7:00 PM*
    * This date / time will vary depending on your local Study Club.

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The presentation will discuss the fundamentals required to accomplish a pleasing, functional and long lasting Aesthetic outcome: treatment plan, team collaboration, and understanding of the patient’s needs and selection of restorative materials. A myriad of factors affect the Aesthetic and functional outcome of complex cases. Properly addressing those factors will facilitate the achievement of a predictable and successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Among others, factors that will significantly improve the functional and Aesthetic outcome include: proper preoperative Aesthetic and functional analysis, correct data transmission to the laboratory regarding the occlusal plane orientation and inclination, and definition of an appropriate incisal edge position.

A close collaboration is also needed between the surgeon and the restorative dentist both for treating natural dentition or dental implants, especially in the anterior area in challenging clinical situations such as patients with a high smile line. Material selection plays a fundamental role in management of complex rehabilitation cases. This presentation will also illustrate how to select and optimize the use of metal-free ceramic materials even in full-mouth rehabilitations. Nowadays an innovative operative protocol allows to face highly compromised clinical situations, with a minimally invasive prosthetic procedure (MIPP) that guarantees an excellent, long lasting Aesthetic result and a better acceptance of the treatment by the patient.



1. Select the appropriate ceramic material according to the clinical necessities.

2. Select the appropriate technique and ceramic material when approaching a full-mouth  rehabilitation.

3. Learn innovative operative protocols with minimal invasive prosthetic procedures (MIPP) with long-lasting Aesthetic result.



Dr. Mauro Fradeani

Dr. Mauro Fradeani

After graduating in medicine and surgery in 1979, Mauro Fradeani completed a specialization in dentistry at the University of Ancona in 1983. Active Member of The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, he maintains membership in The American Academy of Fixed ...

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